Look into our OpenVZ Linux VPS Packages demonstration. Understand how a virtual private server from BuyNewHost.com can assist you take your site to the next stage.

The OpenVZ Virtual Private Servers come pre–loaded with abundant CPU and RAM quotas, sufficient to manage any type of web site or resource eager apps. The virtual private servers are 100% scalable – if at any time you must have a lot more resources, you can straightaway move to a more robust server. Moreover, each of our OpenVZ Virtual Private Servers can be bought loaded with Overview Of SSDs And HDDs, including extremely fast file read/write speeds, essentially lowering website load time.

Each one OpenVZ Virtual Private Server can even be bought with the free Web Hosting Control Panel. It’s a control panel developed to reside in the cloud as well as to help make site administration quick. Along with it, you can certainly handle multiple domain names as well as web sites from the very same place, without the need to establish a distinct control panel instance for every single site. It features a really swift File Manager, that permits you to upload files by just dragging them in the browser window, a Web Statistics Manager, in which you get to observe your website stats without the need to configure anything at all in addition to a collection of Website Accelerator Programs, which can tremendously add to the pace of one’s website, employing server–level caching.


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